Expected Goals Model: A New Expected Goal Model for Predicting Goals in the NHL (2018)

Relative to Teammate Method: Revisiting Relative Shot Metrics - Part 1 and Revisiting Relative Shot Metrics - Part 2

Relative to Teammate Score Adjustment: McCurdy, 2014: Better Way to Compute Score-Adjusted Fenwick

Corsica Hockey Glossary: Perry, 2016

Goals Above Replacement:

Penalty Goals: Penalty Goals: An Expanded Approach to Measuring Penalties in the NHL (2019)

Goals Above Replacement, Part 1: Wins Above Replacement: History, Philosophy, and Objectives (2019)

Goals Above Replacement, Part 2: Wins Above Replacement: The Process (2019)

Goals Above Replacement, Part 3: Wins Above Replacement: Replacement Level, Decisions, Results, and Final Remarks (2019)

RITSAC Presentation - Goals Above Replacement & Statistical Plus Minus: RITSAC slides, Video


Evolving-Hockey Regularized Adjusted Plus-Minus (RAPM): Reviving Regularized Adjusted Plus-Minus for Hockey (2019)

Adjusted Plus-Minus for Basketball: Rosenbaum, 2004 and Ilardi & Barzilai, 2008

Reguarlized Adjusted Plus-Minus (RAPM) for Basketball: Sill, 2010

NHL Regularized Adjusted Plus-Minus based on Brian Macdonald's original work: first paper, second paper, and third paper

Additional Regression Models for Hockey:

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Goalie Goals Above Replacement:

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Perry, 2018: Wins Above Replacement - The Shooting and Goaltending components of WAR…

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