Evolving Hockey Subscription FAQ

In the below post, we hope to answer frequently asked question regarding a subscription to Evolving-Hockey.com.

Q: How do I become a subscriber of Evolving Hockey?

A: Either follow this link or click on the “Sign In / Subscribe” tab in the navigation bar at the top of this page:

Once you are on this page, click on either the “Monthly Subscription” or “Annual Subscription” button to be directed to a checkout page. Here you will create an account on Evolving-Hockey.com and enter your billing information to process the selected subscription level.

Q: What do I get when I subscribe to Evolving Hockey? 

Please see our Overview page for examples of the features that come with an Evolving Hockey subscription!

Q: Are the subscription options changing (from the levels available on Patreon.com)?

A: No, we will still be offering a $5 monthly subscription and a $54 annual subscription (10% discount for annual subscribers). These are recurring subscriptions. The billing cycle will start from the day you first subscribe (Example: if you subscribe Jan 10th, you will be charged Jan 10th, and then Feb 10th, Mar 10th, etc. for a monthly subscription and Jan 10th the next year for annual subscriptions).

Q: I’ve been a subscriber through Patreon.com up until this point. What do I have to do to cancel my Patreon subscription?

A: You do not need to do anything. Our Patreon account will be paused starting April 30th, 2021. No users will be charged by Patreon May 1st, 2021 (or any subsequent month).

Q: Will I receive an email confirmation when I subscribe? 

Yes you should! This will include your subscription confirmation and invoice details. However, our email server/process is new, so these emails may not land directly in your primary mailbox at first. Please check your Promotions and Spam folders if you do not see an email right away.

Q: I signed up for a subscription, but I am not able to view the subscriber-only content. What should I do?

A: If you just subscribed, in rare cases, it may take a few minutes for your new subscription to process. If you are still not able to access the subscriber-only content, please send us an email at support@evolving-hockey.com or submit a form by navigating to the “Contact Us” tab under your profile dropdown (right-most tab in the navigation bar if you are logged in). We will work with you to address any login issues you are having.

Q: How is my payment handled/processed by Evolving Hockey? 

A: We utilize Stripe for our payment processing service. This is a robust and secure method that is served over SSL (https) on Evolving Hockey. No payment/cardholder information is stored on our servers.

Q: Can I use Paypal to subscribe?

A: Yes! On the checkout page, you can select PayPal as you payment method. When you click on the PayPal box, you will be redirected to PayPal, where you can finalize your payment. Once complete, you will be redirected back to Evolving Hockey with an active subscription. Just like the Stripe/credit card payment method, this is a recurring payment.

Q: How do I cancel my subscription?

A: You can cancel your subscription by navigating to the “My Account” page (found under the right-most dropdown in the navigation bar at the top of this page when you are logged in) . Once you are on this page, there is a link in the table under the “My Memberships” section that shows “Cancel”. Click on this link and you will be directed to the “Membership Cancel” page which will allow you to cancel your subscription.

Q: What happens when I cancel my subscription?

A: Once you cancel your subscription you will immediately lose access to the subscriber-only content on Evolving-Hockey. For example, if you subscribed May 5th and cancel May 15th, you will not have access to the subscriber-only content through June 5th. If you intend to subscribe for only one month, please do not cancel immediately after subscribing to “turn off” the recurring payment. This will result in you immediately losing access to the subscriber-only content.

Q: I only wanted to look at the subscriber-only content for a day, but I’m done now. Can you please refund my subscription?

A: We will not issue refunds unless there are extenuating circumstances surrounding your subscription. If you subscribe for only a day and then cancel, you will be charged $5 and will not be issued a refund (unless extenuating circumstances are involved).

Q: I was just notified via email that my payment failed? What happened? What should I do?

A: This notification means that your payment type was rejected by the payment processing service we use (Stripe). This can happen for various reasons: expired card, insufficient funds, a change in billing information since your last payment, or a general rejection by your financial institution, among a multitude of other things. Your payment will be tried again several times during the first part of your billing period. During this grace period, your subscription will still be active. If the payment is unsuccessful after these attempts, your subscription will be cancelled. If you need to update your billing information, please visit your billing information page. Once this is updated with your correct information, the payment should be processed. If this does not resolve your issue, please use our contact form to notify us of the issue, and we will assist. If you have any other questions, please feel free to reach out through this form as well.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to email us at support@evolving-hockey.com or submit your question through our contact form located under your profile dropdown in the navigation menu (Contact Us).