Fantasy Projections User Guide

Step 1: Select your league setting from the “Scoring” dropdown (Points League or Categories League)

Step 2: Select the metrics your league uses from the “Categories” dropdown

  • Note: if you select or de-select any metric all weights will be reset

Step 3: Update the weights using the user input boxes provided

Step 4: Hit Submit to display the player ratings


Fantasy Page Definitions:

Metric Definition
FPV Fantasy Points Value (total of all metrics multiplied by the user selected weights)
FPV Adj Fantasy Points Value Adjusted (adjusted per position – F, D, and G)
FPV-z Fantasy Points Value Z-Score (used for category leagues – all metrics are converted to z-score and summed)
FPV-z Adj Fantasy Points Value Z-Score Adjusted (used for category leagues – all metrics are converted to z-score, summed, and adjusted per position)
Pos Rank Positional Rank



  • ATOI, SV%, and GAA are given a base weight of 1. If you are in a points league, please note that the default weights are intended for category leagues. Adjust accordingly.
  • When a metric is removed from the Category dropdown, the user input box will be removed and the weight will become 0. If that metric is selected again, the user input box will be displayed and the weight will be set to the default.