Standard Goalie Tables

Below you will find definitions for all stats available on the Standard Goalie Tables page. As of right now, “On-Ice” stats are available. On-Ice stats are measures of events while the goalie is on the ice.

On-Ice Stats:

Metric Definition
GP Games Played
TOI Time On Ice (total minutes played)
GA Goals Against
SA Shots On Goal Against (goals, saved shots)
FA Fenwick Shots Against (goals, saved shots, missed shots)
xGA Expected Goals Against (total xG value of all Fenwick Shots Against)
Sv% Save Percentage: 1 – (GA / SA)
FSv% Fenwick Save Percentage: 1 – (GA / FA)
xFSv% Expected Fenwick Save Percentage: 1 – (xGA / FA)
dFSv% Delta Fenwick Save Percentage: FSv% – xFSv%
GSAA Goals Saved Above Average: (League Sv% * SA) – GA
GSAx Goals Saved Above Expected: xGA – GA


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