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Evolving Hockey Staff -- Mar 21

For Episode 70 of our podcast all three of us, individually, scouted a game from rookie sensation Jack Quinn of the Buffalo Sabres.

Why Jared Spurgeon Will Be the First Analytics Hall of Famer

Tony Abbott -- Jan 24

Advanced Stats are already taking over the Baseball Hall of Fame. Once that day comes to Hockey, that's great news for Jared Spurgeon, writes guest poster Tony Abbott.

Beyond GAR: Using Data to Understand Role Players

Shawn Ferris -- Nov 21

For Boston Bruins 5v5 entry and exit data, you can access my workbook here A frozen black disk comes to rest along the blade of Hampus Lindholm’s CCM stick. The Arizona Coyotes have been glued to controversy; from being late paying $1.4 million in taxes owed to the City of Glendale to moving to a […]

2022-2023 NHL Team Point Projections

Josh Younggren -- Oct 03

The season is somehow already here? I feel like I just finished our playoff previews. Can’t we just have another month to bask in the glory of a cup for Nichushkin?

2022 NHL Free Agency: A Review

Josh Younggren -- Aug 15

We're a month into free agency. It's time for a review.

Evolving Hockey Staff -- Aug 04

Mike Murphy (@DigDeepBSB), one of the absolute best people in hockey, joined us for a special guest episode. We talked with Mike about women's hockey, the current evolving environment in the game, contracts, and of…

Evolving Hockey NHL Free Agency Preview: 2022

Josh Younggren -- Jul 11

2022 NHL Free Agency begins in two days. We have you covered.

Evolving Hockey 2022 Playoff Preview: Stanley Cup Final

Evolving Hockey Staff -- Jun 15

The Final is here.

Evolving Hockey 2022 Playoff Preview: Round 3

Evolving Hockey Staff -- May 31

And then there were 4. While Round 1 of the 2022 NHL playoffs was one of the most entertaining rounds we’ve seen in some time, Round 2 was not without its moments.

Evolving Hockey 2022 Playoff Preview: Round 2

Evolving Hockey Staff -- May 17

Round 2 time!

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