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Evolving Hockey 2024 Playoff Preview: Stanley Cup Final

Evolving Hockey Staff -- Jun 07

Oilers / Panthers. What more could anyone ask for?

Evolving Hockey 2024 Playoff Preview: Conference Finals

Evolving Hockey Staff -- May 22

Conference Finals and some shenanigans

Evolving Hockey 2024 Playoff Preview: Round 2

Evolving Hockey Staff -- May 05

It's time: our 2024 NHL playoffs Round 2 preview!

Evolving Hockey 2024 Playoff Preview: Round 1

Evolving Hockey Staff -- Apr 20

Another NHL regular season is in the books, and the three of us (Josh, Luke, and Shawn) have another playoff preview for you! The ’23-24 NHL regular season was a bit strange, and we feel the first round reflects this appropriately. A few of the “expected” playoff teams fell into the chasm of bad luck […]

Evolving Hockey Trade Deadline Targets: 2024

Evolving Hockey Staff -- Feb 29

It's time for Evolving Hockey to pick the best trade deadline targets!

Too Many Thoughts: Shot Rates, Gavrikov, and Bonino

Shawn Ferris -- Nov 30

Amercian Thanksgiving, which is roughly a quarter of the way through a typical NHL season, is a time of reference where fans look at the standings and determine if a team will be in or out of the playoffs. Historically, somewhere between 11 and 14 teams that are in a playoff position on Thanksgiving go […]

Too Many Thoughts: Bruins-Habs, Nylander’s Extension, and More

Shawn Ferris -- Nov 16

With the Boston Bruins in their 100th season, the rivalry between the Bruins and the Montreal Canadiens now spans an entire century. Growing up in Massachusetts, the bitter rival wasn’t the Toronto Maple Leafs, New York Rangers, or Philadelphia Flyers. Sure, those were heated rivals too, but the Montreal Canadiens were special. They represented two […]

Too Many Thoughts: Jonathan Huberdeau, Jack Campbell, and More

Shawn Ferris -- Nov 09

Jonathan Huberdeau spent the first 10 seasons of his career in South Florida. At times, he was considered an “underrated” player, quietly producing in a market that got very little coverage outside of the Computer Boys fiasco.

Too Many Thoughts: Erik Gustafsson, the Ducks, and Other

Shawn Ferris -- Nov 02

We are finally in the first days of November. Each NHL team has played eight or more games and RAPM, GAR, and xGAR are back up on the site; but be careful, it’s still wicked early. We’re in the peak part of the early season, where the takes are still spicy but have a tad […]

Too Many Thoughts: Brock Nelson, Connor Bedard, and Matt Poitras

Shawn Ferris -- Oct 26

Now that the 2023-24 season is underway, we are trying to put out more content. We will be releasing more glossary series episodes on the podcast where we dive into specific stats, how they are developed, and how to use them. We will also be trying our hand at more writing, including a small weekly […]

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