Evolving Hockey #14: Our First Guest Shayna Goldman! (Zegras and Penalties Too)

Evolving Hockey Staff | December 13, 2021

We’re excited to have Shayna Goldman as our first guest on the podcast (skip to 30:54 if you’re just interested in her)! We chat with Shayna about her recent endeavors, the public expected goals models, and her ability to incorporate data and hockey numbers into her work. Before the break we cover the Zegras/Milano connection (and discourse) and dive back into the NHL penalty debate.


  1. jdsalanger

    Shayna mentioning how she was initially going to be an accountant made me think that it would be cool if y’all talked about how you got into hockey analytics and what you did prior to this.

    • Evolving Hockey Staff

      This is actually a great idea. I think all three of us have referenced or briefly covered this, but it would be a fun thing to cover on an episode!

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