Evolving Hockey #16: 2021 Year End Review

Evolving Hockey Staff | January 3, 2022

We took a week off, but we’re back in full force. 2021 is in the rear-view mirror, and we spent a good deal of time covering the current state of the league (first part) along with our version of a 2021 year-end review (second part). Cold, the Winter Classic, and the importance of eradicating the emerald ash borer were also discussed.


  1. jdsalanger

    re: MAF being 7th in GAR for the year despite his play this season – he was a lot better after the month of October when Chicago went 0-9, ending with a 92.46 SV% in November and December compared to 87.66 SV% that first month. That’s good enough for 8th during that stretch for all goalies with at least 200 FA.

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