Evolving Hockey #17: Own Goals, Scoring Trends, and The Calder

Evolving Hockey Staff | January 10, 2022

Despite setbacks, the ’21-22 NHL season rolls on in entertaining fashion. We discuss Marcus Foligno’s “goal” via Carl Hagelin, hockey Scorigamis, general goal scoring trends, the Calder race as it stands in our opinion right now, and the “generational” goaltenders of the last decade. This episode jumped around more than normal, but remember: chaos is good.


  1. tlambert

    Hey guys! I may be a few days late on this one but I had to come in here and say Jarry is definitely a hard “J” as in “jar of pickles”. Also Matt Murray only got Calder votes in 15-16 because the previous season he only played 13 games. Then he played in 49 games in 15-16, taking him out of the running for any subsequent Calder vote-getting. He also kinda sucked.
    Love the show, ya’ll are very funny. Normalize wowee!

    • Evolving Hockey Staff

      Sorry for the late reply! Thanks for the clarification on Jarry’s name – definitely will remember this. Interesting re: Murray, I had kind of forgotten about that. Thank you for the kind words!

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