Hockey Stats Glossary Series: Part 2 – Zone, Relative, and Quality Metrics

Evolving Hockey Staff | December 24, 2021

In part 2 of our Hockey Stats Glossary Series, we cover several of the “non-model” metrics for skater analysis in hockey statistics! Here we discuss zone starts, various relative metrics (relative to team, WOWY, relative to teammate), and quality of teammates/competition evaluation. This all leads into part 3, where we’ll discuss the “model” based skater evaluation metrics (RAPM and GAR).


    • Evolving Hockey Staff

      Sorry for the late reply! Short answer: not really. Relative to team is a comparison of what a player did while they were on the ice to what their team did when they were not on the ice (on – off). Plus/minus is just a raw count (albeit a somewhat arbitrary count) of the goals scored for and against a player’s team when they were on the ice. Plus/minus does not take into account what happened when a player was not on the ice.

    • Evolving Hockey Staff

      Thanks so much Mike! Glad you’re enjoying it. We’re looking forward to the next part in the series where we dig into player evaluation models!

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