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Evolving Hockey Drafts Another Expansion Team

Josh Younggren -- Jul 19

We did it again.

Evolving Hockey Drafts an Expansion Team

Josh Younggren -- Jul 12

We're not a new NHL organization that gets to draft an expansion team, but if we were... this might be what we would do.

What Does “Hockey Analytics” Even Mean?

Josh Younggren -- Jun 04

I'm not trying to start a fire from the still smoldering coals, but let's talk about "analytics"

Welcome to Evolving Hockey! Background, Some Info, and Many Thanks!

Josh Younggren & Luke Younggren -- May 03

Hello everyone! It’s time we write something on our new site I suppose. This is going to be a short little entry into what, we hope, will become a long and fruitful aspect of Evolving…

Penalty Goals: An Expanded Approach to Measuring Penalties in the NHL

Josh Younggren & Luke Younggren -- May 03

In-depth explainer of Evolving-Hockey's method for converting player penalty differential into goal values.
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