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Players to Watch for in 2023-24

Shawn Ferris -- Oct 05

I can’t speak for everyone, but October is the most exciting time of my year outside of April. It’s a period of time filled with naivety and positivity for the upcoming hockey season. One in which feels like there is a case for every team and player to exceed our expectations, no matter how high […]

2023 NHL Free Agency: A Review

Josh Younggren -- Aug 22

Let's review an offseason! Using our contract projection model as a stepping stone, we take a look at how the model performed this summer, the best and worst deals, team evaluation, and (nonexistent) trends!

Evolving Hockey Staff -- Aug 01

We’re honored to have Dani Chu, Senior Quantitative Analyst for the Seattle Kraken, on the show! We spent an hour talking about Dani’s background, working with the Kraken, education, statistics, hockey conferences, and the Coachella Valley Firebirds. This was a blast.

Evolving Hockey NHL Free Agency Preview: 2023

Josh Younggren -- Jun 30

NHL Free Agency is here! And let me tell you what, it's going to be something.

Evolving Hockey 2023 Playoff Preview: Stanley Cup Final

Evolving Hockey Staff -- Jun 01

And then there were 2, as they say. The 2023 NHL Conference Finals ended a few days ago, and the Stanley Cup final begins this coming Saturday. While some of us may have watched the entirety of the four-overtime spectacle while reminiscing about other incredible sporting events (us), the 3rd round felt a little underwhelming. […]

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