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Evolving Hockey Staff -- Mar 29

We spent the first part of the show bouncing around from one topic to another covering allergies, Gold drafting, playoff implications, and draft lottery ping pong ball conspiracies. The second half is devoted entirely to…

Evolving Hockey Staff -- Mar 23

The 2022 NHL trade deadline happened a few days ago, and we tried to cover every trade that we could fit in.

Evolving Hockey Staff -- Mar 15

Josh Manson was traded just before we recorded, so we used this as a jumping off point.

Hockey Stats Glossary Series: Part 3 – Regularized Adjusted Plus Minus

Evolving Hockey Staff -- Mar 09

In part 3 of our Glossary series, we dive headfirst into RAPM (Regularized Adjusted Plus Minus) and its use in hockey skater evaluation. When we say headfirst, we really do mean it.

Evolving Hockey Staff -- Mar 07

The All Time Hockey Twitter bracket is live, and we had plenty to say about it.
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